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Grade 7/8 Science


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Grade 7/8 Science
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TERM 3 Topics

Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency (April-May)
Optics (May-June)

Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency

Following the unit on Fluids where students were asked to design an elevating device using either hydraulics or pneumatics, students this term will be furthering their understanding of mechanical design, testing and evaluation.


Tuesday April 22, 2003

* Students had a work period to finish the following assignments....
- "Pressure" activity from last class (Mr. V)
- "The Human Machine" activity from last class (Mrs. T.)
- Research on a toy from (1 page summary- types)
- Begin to think of a design for your own toy invention. Make sure it is geared towards a specific age group.

Wednesday April 16, 2003

**MANY people did not come to class today with their "ball retriever" mechanisms done....please complete ASAP for evaluation!!!
* Students are to complete the Question sheet today on comparing machines to the human body. These questions are to be done in their new Science notebooks

Tuesday April 15, 2003

* reminder that your "ball retriever" design challenge will be tested in class TOMORROW with Mrs. T.. Those people NOT done will have to make arrangements for some day before or after school in order to receive credit.

Monday April 14, 2003

* All students should have read the handout re: Introduction to Mechanical Advantage. They had to fill in a chart on a separate handout answering the questions from the reading. They had a third handout which was a summary of 5 key terms and what they knew about them now, at the beginning of the unit (ie measure of their existing knowledge BEFORE the unit)
* Today in computers, students had to go on and choose a toy to research. In their Science notebooks they need the following information on their "toy"
- name of toy and manufacturer
- price
- description of toy (draw a picture or print off a picture and attach in book)
- description of how the toy works (all mechanical systems involved)
- What age is the toy appropriate for?
- Would you recommend the toy? Why/Why not?

Tuesday April 8, 2003

* All "Fluids" assignments were due today!!
* Today we started a new unit on "Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency". Students got new notebooks, copied a board note, then defined the 6 different types of simple machines.
* For homework, students must do the "Design Challenge" ...building a "ball retriever" mechanism using no more than 10 simple items (no "already-made" mechanisms allowed, eg. fishing poles, vacuum cleaners etc..)
* These mechanisms will be tested next class!!


- Fluids notebook
- elevator- diagrams of elevator

- 100 word description of WHY your elevator works!!!

Monday March 31, 2003

* Finish building your elevator device using either hydraulics or pneumatics
* Sketch your elevator from top, side, back and front INCLUDING all measurements and labels.
* Write a 100 word description of your elevator and how it works.
* Finish up all review sheets, Fluids title page, and make sure your Fluids notebook is COMPLETELY up-to-date for marking