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Tuesday September 30th

I received the final cost details for the two trip options by courier yesterday. As it stands, Quebec City will cost each student MORE than what was anticipated, approximately $500/student and this is staying in economy lodging. The Montreal trip outlined below is actually going to cost LESS than was expected. The cost for 2 nights in Montreal staying at the Radisson Hotel is $380. Going to Montreal would also give us the more desirable option of going towards mid-late June.

Right now as it stands I think that the Quebec City price is becoming further out of reach for many of our students. The goal of this trip is that ALL students will be able to afford to go as this is a first-of-its-kind trip for Algonquin grads. Being a parent myself, I'm feeling that it would put undue stress on many to expect them to pay $500 + for a trip. It is looking like Montreal will be a much more feasible option for all. For any trip we must have AT LEAST 90% participation from students so the next step in our process will be to gather parents together for an information meeting. This meeting will NOT take place on Monday October 6th as previously thought, but rather in a week or two so that further details may be gathered. You will receive written notice from the school in advance of this meeting so that we may maximize attendance.
I am confident that whichever trip we choose, it will be an amazing cultural experience that the students will never forget!! We've already commenced fundraising and there will be many more projects to come!!!
Please check back for more details!!

Merci beaucoup!!!

Mme. Turgeon :-)

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Thursday September 25, 2003

Currently administration and the Grade 8 teachers are looking into the possibility of a year end trip to Quebec. Preliminary questionnaires indicated that there was strong interest from both students and parents for this type of trip. What will happen is that the school will choose a trip and hold an information meeting about this trip on MONDAY OCTOBER 6th at 6pm at the school. Viability of the trip will depend on a 90% commitment from students and parents in the form of some type of deposit which will be determined later.

Here are some of the ideas we have on the table. Before we make our final decision I think it is vital to have specific feedback from parents regarding the suitability of the trip, both in terms of itinerary and cost.

OPTION 1- 3 days 2 nights MONTREAL $400/student
This includes coach bus, accomodation, all admission fees, all breakfasts and suppers and 1 lunch. The travel company "Keating Tours" also provides nightime security for the accomodation ensuring that the students are properly supervised at all times during the night.

OPTION 2- 4 days 3 nights QUEBEC CITY $470/student
This also includes all of the above features. The trip would occur during the first week of June 2004.

As a parent myself, I completely understand financial issues. The Grade 8's have already commenced fundraising efforts so the above prices are the maximum cost per student. Also, being so early in the school year, parents will have the option of paying in more manageable installments. This will also allow time for fundraising to offset some of the costs involved.

NOTHING has been decided yet. I would, as a member of the Grade 8 team, value your input as parents as to the appropriateness of the trip and the cost involved. Generally, being a school tour you are always going to get very good value for your money and being Quebec, this is probably a trip many have never taken before, and may never have the opportunity again. This is a first-of-its-kind trip for Algonquin however so there of course will be many questions raised. Please feel free to email Mme. Turgeon to provide confidential feedback on the two options provided. We value your input and thank the many parents who have already expressed interest in helping out with fundraising efforts!

Merci en avance!!

Mme. Turgeon

Keating Tours